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Dr Abdul Aslam Syed
Consultant Psychiatrist
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Dr Brishna Shah
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Dr Jeanette Lewis
Adult ADHD Specialist
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ADHD assessment and treatment process

How it works

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You can see the individual profiles of the psychiatrists here at ADHD. Based on location and expertise, you can select the psychiatrist that you want to hold your consultation with.

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Once you have selected your psychiatrist, you will be required to book a 10 minute FREE consultation with one of our representatives.

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After the FREE consultation, we will connect you with the chosen Psychiatrist for the service that you have chosen to go ahead with.

Benefits of having the assessment

Self awareness, you know why you react and act in a certain way if you have an official diagnose
If you have issue that is effecting your day to day life then having one of the treatment by our pshysciatrist can help you treat the issue effectively
Improve your relationship with family members and friends having an effective ADHD treatment can help you
Your mental health matters has much as physical health, improve your mental health will lead you to live a better full filled life
NHS waiting times for ADHD assessment is up to 2 years, we can arrange a private assessment in weeks so you can better sooner and achieve your goals faster.

Reasons to choose us

Same week appointment

We can arrange the ADHD diagnosis appointment for patients within the same week

ADHD Specialists

We are the best at what we do and that is why we specifically only treat ADHD

We know how you feel

ADHDme is managed by people who have had ADHD, hence we know exactly how you feel and what you need

Verified doctors

We have pre-screened all of the psychiatrist that we work with and therefore are ADHDme approved!

Excellent customer service

We are a real company with real people, who show empathy towards our patients’ needs

Great reviews

Most of our psychiatrists have reviews from patients who were in the same shoes as you and have had a great journey with their treatment

Some of our success stories:


Dan Mahendran

Founder of ADHDme

About ADHDme

“When I sought for a professional diagnosis of ADHD, it was really difficult to find services that were offering ADHD specific diagnosis. When I eventually got through to a service, the progression was relatively slower than what I expected.

After doing my research, I came to find that there were a few processes that were skipped during my diagnosis and treatment, which has opened my eyes as to the lack of help there is for people like myself.

My aim is to help people such as myself, who find it difficult to get ADHD diagnosis and a treatment plan that is tailored for each individual.

With ADHD, you can find the right psychiatrist for you to start your ADHD diagnosis and treatment.”

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