About us

Here at ADHDme, we provide you with options for psychiatrists that specialise in the diagnosis and treatment for ADHD. Our platform allows you to choose from a range of psychiatrist that are available to conduct consultations in an easier and more convenient manner.

We have teamed up with psychiatrists in the UK who specialise in ADHD diagnosis and treatment. There are a range of doctors available on our platform, to cater to your convenience, as we are available 7 days a week (including evenings). ADHD becoming something that is being recognised in adults more and more, it is important that patients who suffer with ADHD can seek the right help for a better future.

Our aim is to provide a connection to everyone that suffers from ADHD with professionals to create a better quality of life as well as a happier future.

We are determined to support people by providing a convenient way to link up those who are in need with those who are able to provide the best mental support.

About our ADHD Psychiatrists

We ensure that we check all psychiatrists that are not only qualified, but those who also share our goals and values to commit to enhancing the patient’s wellbeing. All of our psychiatrists are registered in the UK and have extensive knowledge in ADHD - so you know that you will have access to the healthcare professionals who will educate and support you through the journey of self improvement.

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